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SALT workshop's philosophy of design is based on a holistic, integrated approach to design that is transparent and collaborative. 

We are a collective of makers * whose design principles are based on the concept that we are not separate from the natural world and the fundamental principles of beauty, grace, integrity, memory, commitment, honor, gratitude, respect, humor and listening are as imperative to a life well lived as they are to the creation of place and space. 

SALT workshop's focus is to facilitate the creation of places where people, community, humanity and conversation can thrive; from a gathering spot in a new light filled kitchen, a sunlight-dappled community square to a forgotten piece of river reconnected and remembered, we create sustainable places with real materials that respond to local context, story and landscape. 

Our process informs our role as mentors and educators opening the door to important questions that begin locally about dwelling, about systems and about adaptation over time. We curiously investigate new materials, ancient technologies, forgotten places and overlapping possibilities. We believe that green or sustainable design is not enough, design must be regenerative, smart, resourceful, local and must challenge the paradigm and role of designer as thinker, dreamer, and master builder as well as facilitator of healthy community and translator of well loved space.


*(architectural/ interior/ industrial/ urban/ infrastructure designers, artists, writers, craftsman, builders, and people with hardworking hands)